Vehicle reforms

AEV is a technical service of reforms appointed by the Ministry of Industry to issue conformity reports in accordance with the provision of  RD 866/2010 , of 2 July, governing the processing of vehicle reforms in Spain.

Vehicle reforms include any modifications, replacements, additions or removals made to a vehicle after it has been registered that either change any of its characteristics or may alter the applicable regulatory requirements contained in Royal Decree RD 2028/1986, of 6 June.

Required regulatory compliance of a reformed vehicle will be proven via the conformity report issued by a technical service appointed for vehicle reforms, or the vehicle’s manufacturer, in the terms set out in RD 866/2010.

Here at AEV, we can help you to legalise any reform that have already been carried out or that you wish to perform on a vehicle. Don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing or by filling in and sending our query form.