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Teléfono: 876268500 | E-mail: info@grupoaev.com

Vehicles laboratory

Test and inspection laboratory

AEV Automotive is a test and inspection laboratory certified in accordance with the criteria set out in standards UNE/EN ISO/IEC 17020 and 17025 and we’ve been appointed by the Ministry of Industry as technical service of reforms and individual approval of completed vehicles in Spain.

We provide manufacturers and users in general with the documents they need to approve or certify their vehicles, systems, or components in line with the regulations and standards in force, carrying out inspections and tests where necessary and following the guidelines of our quality sytem.

We have qualified, experienced technicians along with suitable facilities and equipment that allow us to develop our activity with utmost professionalism and efficiency.



AEV was founded in September 2007, and in December 2008 we were certified in line with the criteria set out in standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the development of the tests defined in its technical scope, which we maintain in continuous expansion and updating process. In September 2011, we were certified in accordance with the criteria of standard UNE-NE ISO/IEC 17020 for inspection activities in the area of technical reforms services, and we are the first Spanish entity to achieve accreditation in the area. For this reason, we were appointed as an official technical service of reforms by the Ministry of Industry in October of the same year. In November 2013, we expanded the technical scope of our inspection activity in the area of individual approval of completed vehicles and historic vehicle cataloguing, as set out in Royal Decree 1247/1995. We are also the first entity in Spain to obtain accreditation in these areas. In the same month, we were appointed as the technical service for the individual approval of completed vehicles by the Ministry of Industry, and in December of the same year we were narmed the official laboratory for the issuance of reports used to catalogue historic vehicles by the autonomous region of Aragón. Since then, we have been selected for this role in a further dix regions in subsequent years.

In December 2020, we expanded our facilities, doubling the space available with the view to increasing our services through new tests.

We’re commited to offering customers a swift response that meets their needs. By continuously improving our management systems, we aim to guarantee a quick, quality service.


Laboratorio Ensayos y Homologaciones