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Teléfono: 876268500 | E-mail: info@grupoaev.com

Bench testing

AEV is certified and has a test bench to carry out the tests required to approve rear underrun protection devices in accordance with the requirements set out in Regulations (UN) 58 for vehicles in categories N2, N3, O3 and O4, and Regulation (EU) 208/2018 for vehicles in category RA.

Our test bench has been carefully designed and equipped with everything it needs to apply pulling and compression forces of up to 20 tons and measure horizontal and vertical deformities in the devices during tests with the required precision.

We collaborate with manufacturers of separate technical units and vehicles in the design and development of their rear underrun protection devices, tests, and report issuance to control conformity of production in line with regulations and procedures to obtain approval certificates.

In addition, we test all kinds of components and devices that require checking or certification regarding their resistance to forces, at the request of manufacturers and importers.