What is a reform of a vehicle?

The processing of vehicle reforms in Spain is regulated by Royal Decree 866/2010 of 2 July.

A reform of a vehicle is defined as the RD 866/2010 , any modification, replacement , additions to or deletions in a vehicle after registration and light trailers after being allowed to move , or change to any of the characteristics, or is likely to alter the regulations applicable requirements contained in the RD 2028/1986 of 6 June. This term includes any action that could lead to change in the MOT vehicle card .

The vehicle , after being refurbished , must comply with the regulations required of it and , as says the RD 866/2010 , is detailed in the Manual of reforms and is derived from the RD 2028/1986 before mentioned.

Compliance with the required regulations shall be demonstrated by compliance report issued by a designated service to reforms of vehicles or vehicle manufacturer , in terms of the RD 866/2010 .

AEV is a Technical Service Reform appointed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, authorized to issue compliance reports to process reforms ( MINETUR ) .

How do I follow to legalize reform?

If you want to restore a vehicle has to follow a few steps to legalize it. Your processing will require the following documents:

  1. Depending on the reform, a detailed technical project of the same .
  2. Compliance Report issued by a technical service reforms or alternatively by the vehicle manufacturer .
  3. Certified workshop in which the reform is carried out .
  4. Further detailed documentation necessary reforms in the Manual published by the MITT will vary depending typified code reform.

How should I proceed to request a report pursuant to AEV ?

To request a report pursuant to AEV will need to complete and return the application form and attach the following documents:

  • Technical details of the vehicle on both sides.
  • Vehicle Logbook.
  • Our staff will take your request in the shortest possible time will answer on the feasibility of reform and the steps to take to deal with it .

If reform is one of those detailed below complete the specific application form and submit the required documentation for each case :

For further reform use our contact form.