Historical Vehicles

What is and what vehicles can be classified ?

It is the administrative process by which a vehicle becomes classified and registered as a historic vehicle , he recognized their antiquity and exclusivity, thereby facilitating the maintenance of a car heritage .

This process is regulated by Royal Decree 1247/1995 of 14 July amending Regulation approved Historic Vehicle.

Vehicles can be classified with a minimum age of 25 years counted from the date of manufacture and their conservation status and fidelity to the original model , in addition to those vehicles included in the General Inventory of Movable Cultural Heritage Spanish or vintage vehicles which by its nature , uniqueness or scarcity manifests that the scheme worthy host of Historic vehicles . Vehicles that are presented must meet the requirements in addition to being in a state of repair and / or restore optimal for cataloging .

How to request documentation of a Historic Vehicle

Pursuant to the provisions of Royal Decree 1247/1995 of 14 July , the applicant must submit the following documents to the laboratory :

  • All documents in his possession to prove and define the technical characteristics of the vehicle , in the absence of such documentation , manufacturer’s certificate or , alternatively , a club or entity associated with historic vehicles , which credited the characteristics and authenticity vehicle.
  • Where applicable, documentary evidence of the declaration of public interest well.
  • If the vehicle had been previously registered in Spain , collated photocopy of certificate and technical characteristics of the registration certificate ( certificate request corresponding Provincial Traffic Headquarters ).
  • Report of the manufacturer, entity or recognized club, expressing why they could proceed to the vehicle as historical documentation ( need not be the case of vehicles covered by the General Inventory of Personal Property or Spanish Historical Heritage assets held of cultural interest ) , this report also propose restrictions on the movement of the vehicle that are considered necessary for technical reasons and conditions that you should not be interested in the technical inspection required .
  • Listing reduced specifications, issued by the manufacturer , entity or recognized club , made as established in Royal Decree 750/2010 of 4 June.
  • 4 color photographs of the vehicle ( one per side ).
  • Application Form.


  • Special Locks : There are many companies that offer a reduced rate to ensure historic vehicles.
  • Municipal Tax : Depending on the municipality may request a full or partial exemption from Council Tax .
  • Technical Inspection (ITV ) : One of the main advantages is that after documentation of a historic vehicle inspection periodicity can be up to 5 years , depending on the age of the vehicle , also the type of inspection to be performed adapts to the age of the vehicle and may be waived for example measurements of emission of fumes or noise and those features not available to the vehicle due to age as may be seat belts, mirrors , lights , etc. .